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Forehead & Eyebrow Lift

Information on forehead lifts and eyebrow lifts in Louisville Kentucky. Info on rejuvenation procedures, techniques, costs, recovery period, results, and more.

The forehead and brow region can develop drooping, heavy-appearing eyebrows that cause hooding of the eyelid area, frown lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal wrinkles of the forehead. The appearance of a scowl, frown, or angry look may be apparent even though you do not feel that way. Some people look tired. Drooping eyebrows can accentuate the loose skin of the eyelid region.

Many patients seeking facial rejuvenation surgery are not aware of this appearance and its contribution to their aged appearance. Dr. Weeter has experience with the two types of surgical procedures and Botox injections to improve the appearance of this region. The most commonly performed surgery currently is the endoscopic forehead/brow lift. A coronal forehead lift with a single long incision from ear to ear can also be chosen to raise the eyebrows and smooth out the forehead wrinkles.

Brow and forhead lift

Brow & Forehead Lift Before and After Gallery


  • Patients with heavy, drooping eyebrows that push the loose, redundant skin into the upper eyelids and crow's feet areas lateral to the eyelids.
  • Women that need to continually pluck their eyebrows to give a higher, more youthful arch to their eyebrows.
  • Frown lines, deep furrows and bunching muscles of a scowl between the eyebrows.
  • Horizontal lines and creases of the forehead.
  • Patients that need to use their forehead muscles to help them raise their eyebrows to help them see well.


  • A forehead lift is designed to give a more youthful and rested appearance to the forehead and upper eyelids, and help reduce the amount of wrinkles.
  • A more attentive and pleasing facial expression.
  • A more permanent removal of frown lines between the eyes that cannot be achieved with Botox alone.


  • Procedure is done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia if combined with other facial procedures.

  • The traditional forehead lift requires an incision across the top of the head, behind the hairline. A high forehead or a receding hairline requires the incision be placed at the hairline.

  • A more common procedure being used today is the Endoscopic Forehead Lift. It is done using an endoscope (a narrow hollow instrument with a fiber optic light source and camera) and small, special instruments, similar those used for laparoscopic surgery. Several small incisions are hidden in the hairline.

  • The forehead skin and eyebrows are lifted and repositioned. The muscles that cause frown lines are weakened. The tighter skin will be smoother.


  • The patient may go home with dressings that are removed the first or second day after surgery.
  • Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication.
  • Sutures and/or staples are removed within 10 days.
  • Most swelling and bruising is gone within 7 to 10 days.
  • Smoking must be avoided for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.


Additional procedures that may enhance the result are lower and/or upper eyelid lift, face lift, laser resurfacing or other facial rejuvenation procedures.

NOTE: The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for you may be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. All of this web site content, and any email responses to your inquiries are strictly for general informational and educational purposes. It is not medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. It should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease. It is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical care.

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Information on forehead lifts and eyebrow lifts in Louisville Kentucky. Info on rejuvenation procedures, techniques, costs, recovery period, results, and more.

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