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Kentucky Plastic Surgery

Associates in Plastic Surgery provides a broad range of skills in cosmetic plastic surgery as well as therapeutic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Kentucky. The office is located in Louisville, Kentucky across from Baptist Hospital East and very close to Norton Suburban Hospital with its Woman's Pavilion, and Jewish Hospital's new outpatient facility, and The Springs Medical Center. Facial rejuvenation is one of the most common procedures available which consists of a variety of plastic surgery procedures. These procedures rejuvenate the facial appearance or enhance any facial features. Procedures offered are facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid and cleft lip correction surgery.


A face lift or rhytidectomy, is one of the plastic surgery procedures more commonly performed by Associates in Plastic Surgery for facial rejuvenation. It is used to improve a sagging jaw line, falling cheeks and a blunted neckline and to smooth the skin. New and improved techniques relocate the deeper facial tissues to restore a more youthful foundation, and then redrape the skin with little tension after removing any excesses of skin or underlying fatty tissue for a more natural look. For more information CLICK HERE for a face lift in Kentucky.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to improve the appearance of the nose and/or the ability to breathe through the nose. This surgery, therefore, may be done to improve the cosmetic appearance or the function or, for some patients, both. Nasal deformities may be present at birth or may develop with growth and aging. For more information, CLICK HERE for rhinoplasty in Kentucky.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, the medical term for an eyelid lift, can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence by eliminating wrinkled, sagging eyelids and bulging bags. This plastic surgery procedure is used to remove the sagging skin and muscle from the eyelids as well as trim away excess fat bulges in the eyelids. Eyelid surgery will create a more youthful and rested appearance of the eyes. For more information CLICK HERE for eyelid surgery in Kentucky.

Cleft Lip Correction

Cleft lip correction is for an individual born with a cleft lip and who also have an associated characteristic nasal deformity. Lack of development of some elements of the nose and displacement of other parts of the nasal anatomy result in a cleft lip nasal deformity. The septum is deviated toward the non-cleft side and the nostril shape and width are different, causing consequences such as nasal airway obstruction and the lack of symmetry of the nose. The cleft lip correction procedure is used to improve the appearance of the nose and the ability to breathe through the nose. For more information, CLICK HERE for cleft lip correction in Kentucky.

For more information on the above procedures and other plastic surgery procedures available in Louisville, Kentucky, CLICK HERE for plastic surgery.

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